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What the F*CK is Singani 63?

 What is Singani 63? 

Singani is the national spirit of Bolivia. It is distilled from 100% Muscat Grapes of Alexandria, Grown a mile above sea level, all within a 20,000-acre region in Bolivia.

The nose is a light perfume of florals and grape. Flavors are notes of mountain meadow flowers, white pepper, jasmine, orange blossom and Honey suckle. The finish is short, light, clean and smooth.
 The other part of this story is Steven Soderbergh 

In 2007, Steven Soderbergh began filming the movie “Che” in Madrid, Spain where a Bolivian casting director serendipitously gifted him a bottle of Singani.

Experiencing Singani was a game changer for him, it was unlike any spirit he had had before. He immediately found a way for him and the crew to get their hands on it for the rest of the 6 month shoot down in South America.

This led to a tireless effort by Steven to launch Singani 63 in the US.

It is more than something he has signed his name to, it’s more than a side project, it’s a passion. Steven has learned everything he can about the Singani category and the industry over the last 15 years, not only becoming the first person to import a Singani into the US but spearheading the petitioning to have Singani recognized as its own unique category. His passion for this category is infectious, and he is the biggest piece to every part of Singani 63.